As summer is approaching, the thought of the warm sun, the beautiful sky and mother nature thriving at it’s peak is super exciting! Being prepared for a great summer is a great idea and can be possible with these simple “7 Holistic Summer Ready Tips”

1) Protect Skin and Natural Vitamin D

The summer season is known for it’s hot sunny days and it is always important to remember to use a good quality sunscreen protection to avoid sunburns, reduce skin cancers and prevent premature aging.

The sun also provides some natural vitamin D from direct sunlight. Studies have shown that only 20 minutes of outdoor sunshine allows the body to absorb 10000IU! This is great news especially for those who are prone to low Vitamin D levels during the rest of the year.

2) Keep Hydrated

Temperatures during the summer can rise making it especially hot during the day. This causes the body to perspire more than usual which can lead to dehydration. Always keep bottled water around to keep hydrated well. If planning a day trip at the park or beach bring along a cooler with enough water to last during your trip and while travelling to and from your destination.

3) Choose Lighter Meals

Summer tends to be the time of year when we feel lighter and feel the need to eat lighter meals. Whether you are home or going out to eat, choose a meal that is easier to digest but still satisfies you until your next meal or snack.

Some easy digestive favorites are mixed green salads with a good lean protein like grilled chicken or a vegetarian protein like tofu or chickpeas. Then by simply adding a squeeze of lemon zest and olive oil to complete the meal can help to feel light but yet be fulfilled!

There is always the option of having a larger salad or extra protein if needed based on physical activity level or just to make sure there is a good feeling of satiety.

4) Enjoy a dessert

Depending on your dessert preference, most desserts are enjoyable as long as it’s in moderation. If you are aiming for a healthier dessert like a fruit smoothie or avocado chocolate pudding this can help with guilt free feelings and still reap the nutrients these healthy desserts contain! It is always best to eat any desserts away from meals for better digestion.

5) Visit a local farmer

Summer is known for the local outdoor fresh vegetable and fruit markets. It is worth the weekly visit! A good recommendation is choosing mostly what they offer in seasonal abundance which can mean better deals and savings for your pocket! At the same time it’s a great way to support the local farmers!

6) Enjoy Summer Daily Activities

An outdoor walk in mother nature, biking or swimming at an outdoor pool or beach in the summer season helps to keep energized for the day and promote a good night sleep too! All forms of movement can improve circulation in the body, helps to maintain a healthy weight and improve the quality of living.

7) Attend Outdoor Social Events

Organize certain days during the summer to surround yourself around family and friends by attending fun social outdoor events that everyone can enjoy together. These special connections can always be full of laughter, smiles, love and positivity!

Make this summer the best summer yet to come so that great memories can last for many years ahead! These seven holistic tips are simple reminders and ways of what life can offer us for our overall health, happiness and well-being!

Happy Summer 2022 to you and your loved ones!

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